Tag: Parenting

Bringing Luz

By Sylvia Castañeda

"... Every month for as long as she lived, Luz wrote letters to her sister, Antonia, who was by then living in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. In those letters she wrote of the daily events in her life as well as the agony caused by the absence of her children. In 1986, Luz’s letters became sparse; months went by without any news from her. One day, the letters ceased. ..."

Emri’s Chest

By Rachel Kimbrough For four years, I could not remember what my son looked like alive. "...If I shut my eyes and focused, I had one vague memory of him laughing--the second and last time he ever laughed, immediately before the nap from which he would never wake. But I couldn’t remember his face. ..."

Help Needed (the un-malicious “why”)

By Rachel Kimbrough ...He inched forward, wagging the walking stick in front of him, his outstretched palm and stick contacting the edge of the pavilion simultaneously. He walked around the structure instead of crashing into it. The woman recognized the achievement with applause. They bonked around that way for a minute or so, turned the corner. I, mesmerized, snapped out of it only when the fellow in the truck behind me honked angrily ...