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By Jacqueline Gonzalez Reyes

"...Then one day she called home and no one answered. She called from different phones. Still no answer. She kept calling. She waited six months and went to Mexico. In her town, her mother told her that her kids now ran away from her when they saw her. ..."

Song For The Living

By Diego Renteria

"... above the mantelpiece was a large framed portrait of a boy no more than twelve years old. He looked down on everyone, eternally smiling for a school portrait, his hair spiky and clad in a gray school polo shirt. On a nearby stool were a backpack and some toys. On the mantelpiece was an unwrapped tamal, a glass of milk, and two cookies. The couches were arranged to face his portrait. I knew what song they would request and secretly hoped I was wrong. ..."

Sa lu bri ous

By Helen Weatherell-Bay "... As I was shaking my head, I could hear a strange “tweeting” sound. This sound was meant to notify the blind to let them know it was safe to go to the other side of the street. I knew this because it was posted on the crosswalks. I could have used just that kind of warning that day, if not my entire life. ..."

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