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27 Jun 2011

Sleeping With Grandma

By Kristi DeMeester

"...I gave up sleeping in the same bed as my grandmother after the first night she moved into my bedroom. That first night, I stretched my body along the corner of the sagging mattress, my calf muscles cramping; the thin quilt tucked tightly beneath me so that her sagging, yellowed skin would not touch mine. "It’s just until she gets back on her feet. It’s not easy being evicted,” my mother said. ..."

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12 Apr 2011

It Was A Sunday

By Richard Zamora

"...He was yelling at my brother. He stood six feet tall, with a husky physique and stomped when he walked. Screaming was normal for him, a trait he and my grandmother shared, and he was my father. ..."

Smashing Plates
29 Jan 2011

Smashing Plates

By Rachel Kimbrough

"...I gripped the scaffolding with one hand and had the other arm wrapped under one of her armpits, her face unfortunately forced against my bosom. She started laughing about that, scatterbrained at the height of terror, and kicked her feet to try to find the scaffolding. I don’t think she realized she was now dangling just outside the scaffolding, or she would have panicked and fallen. ..."

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