Charro of Caratacua

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By C.J. Salgado

It was not what I expected, a day at the beach, waiting for the sunset.

The day before, my grandfather arrived at our front patio after being picked up at the

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Miracle Man

By Milton Alex Chi

"... they made a circle around my bed and as they held hands they thanked God for my life and prayed for my health. I remember then being lifted from the bed. It was like I had wings beneath me and as they flapped they reflected a silver light with a white glow. I felt the air flowing under me as I rose. ..."


By Sarah Alvarado

" ... I hate this drought. I hate being lost. And I hate San Bernardino. Everywhere is dusty and alone and sad but here I am, because I love my dad. My dad knows what it is to be San Bernardino. He knows what it is to be alone and sad. ..."


By Jacqueline Gonzalez Reyes

"...Then one day she called home and no one answered. She called from different phones. Still no answer. She kept calling. She waited six months and went to Mexico. In her town, her mother told her that her kids now ran away from her when they saw her. ..."

One Day In Compton

By Johnathan Quevedo

"...Then my car's transmission went out, so I had to take the train to work. I had to be there at 6 am. One day, I was walking to the Blue Line station in Compton, when an SUV with four Latino gang members passed me as I was at the intersection. The passenger held a gun out the window and said, "Don't move, motherfucker!" They were talking directly to me, as if they knew me personally. ..."

How I Know

By Rachel Kimbrough "...For the most part everyone was quiet, with a few exceptions. I don’t know what I expected anyone to say, but most of what was said was something sumatory. We will miss him dearly. I’m so sorry for your loss. God needed more angels in heaven. Things like that. ..."

STOCKTON STORIES: One Morning in Dominica

By Theresa Asiedu "...The sun was shining, the fresh mountain breeze was gently touching my skin and I still had the scent of pink blossoming hibiscus flowers in my nose. My stepfather popped in and out of our lives trying to maintain control of our family. He would yell at everything, from the house that was never tidy enough to the food that didn't suit his taste. ..."


By Matthew Garcia "... I hear the screech of the tires and the smell of rubber burning. My head then hits the windshield and my sight goes black for a second. My body flip upside down as if I were on a roller coaster. The car isn’t done with me. It is as if the car grows arms and grabs me and spins me around -- just as in wrestling where after being spun around you get slammed into the ground. My body is tossed to the side. Silence. The car takes off. ‘’Don't leave me here I don't deserve this,’’ I say. ..."

STOCKTON STORIES: The Light That Night

By Darshay Smith "...My mom and I were reunited nine days after her release and she was excited to see me. From the surgeries her vocal chords had gotten deeper. Her voice was like a grown man’s and it would take a year and a half for it to get back to normal. She picked me up and held me tight. I screamed because I didn’t know who she was. She couldn’t let me go. She cried every day until her voice came back and I finally recognized her....


By Jeffrey Scott Hunter "... That was the whole point of watching the bank in the first place; I needed to know everything. You can’t control everything, but if on Friday at 10:30 a.m. there are no cops around two weeks in a row, chances are good there won’t be any on that third week. ..."


By Richard Zamora

"...He was yelling at my brother. He stood six feet tall, with a husky physique and stomped when he walked. Screaming was normal for him, a trait he and my grandmother shared, and he was my father. ..."

Smashing Plates

By Rachel Kimbrough

"...I gripped the scaffolding with one hand and had the other arm wrapped under one of her armpits, her face unfortunately forced against my bosom. She started laughing about that, scatterbrained at the height of terror, and kicked her feet to try to find the scaffolding. I don’t think she realized she was now dangling just outside the scaffolding, or she would have panicked and fallen. ..."

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