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Sa lu bri ous

By Helen Weatherell-Bay "... As I was shaking my head, I could hear a strange “tweeting” sound. This sound was meant to notify the blind to let them know it was safe to go to the other side of the street. I knew this because it was posted on the crosswalks. I could have used just that kind of warning that day, if not my entire life. ..."

"... One afternoon my front doorbell rings. I peek down from the roof terrace. A Mexico City police cruiser is parked in front of my door. Two officers in brown uniforms and caps stand on the sidewalk. “Don Gerald Hadden?” ...

Rainbow Popsicles

By Cynthia Butler

"...Laurie and I had been friends since the moment she looked up at me on that first day of kindergarten and asked, “Are you really five?” Her brother got married when Laurie was six years old and her sister got pregnant and moved out of their parents’ house shortly after that. Laurie became kind of an only child. Her mother once warned her that she had better skip adolescence. ..."


By Kristi DeMeester

"...I gave up sleeping in the same bed as my grandmother after the first night she moved into my bedroom. That first night, I stretched my body along the corner of the sagging mattress, my calf muscles cramping; the thin quilt tucked tightly beneath me so that her sagging, yellowed skin would not touch mine. "It’s just until she gets back on her feet. It’s not easy being evicted,” my mother said. ..."

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